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Elite Parker pen Liya black clamps Parker (Hardcover)

Elite Parker pen Liya black clamps Parker (Hardcover)

following the ink pen, roller pen, ballpoint pens, gel pens after, innovative writing 5th Science and technology

retail price: 1988 Yuan


following ink pen, and ORB pen, and Atomic pen, and neutral pen zhihou, breakthrough of fifth species writing mode

• it has ink pen of classic appearance and writing flicks: ink tip styling, and water ink
• it has ORB pen of convenient for core and fast dry ink marks: without playing ink, and special fast dry formula
· It has a pen sketch of smooth and not leaking ink: Ultra smooth pen

» dual tip, and nib shapes, high-tech core, easier to write your own text style!
» Tip flexible, writing smooth, perfect handwriting experience!

  not cover even one night pen ink amount, writing fluency!



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