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UUpa shoulder Massager

UUpa shoulder Massager

  function features:
appearance used senior PU leather, wear comfortable, easy clean;
back used stretch network surface material, breathable sex good, soft comfortable;
  built-in 2 a strong percussion massage head (around the 1 a), double head alternating percussion thrash,
efforts, and massage technique Xpress regulation, massage effect more satisfaction;
19 species simulation people massage technique, 8 block massage efforts can selected, select free, effective elimination < BR/> in addition to neck, shoulder, back and other parts of the body aches; the
automatic/manual massage modes, boot into auto mode, intelligent digital display.
2 a anti-sliding silicone handles, flexible hand joint, feel more comfortable;
can split type linked handles, split take flexible, storage convenient;
overheating protection device, using security reliable, arrived must temperature Shi, automatically power,
cooling Hou, will can continues to using;
massage location can free regulation, operation simple, and convenient, can effective ease muscle sore,
elimination fatigue, promote blood cycle;
portable design, can folding , Ring up, convenient to carry, suitable for use in Office and home
fashion trend, choose UUpa gifts.

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