Kindergarten "graduate" to send gifts to each other caused parents discussion

  pupils and students, kindergarten children began trickling "graduated", ready to further their studies. This reporter recently interviewed found that time of parting the children exchange gifts began to pop, and many "upscale" object. This mixed parents, education experts recommend children gifts on behalf of small things, but not sending "premium" products.
Qi Xian ling, who lives in nearby claiming to be the recent "lost people", "a few days ago sons kindergarten graduation ceremony, I didn't prepare anything and children went. To kindergarten, we are busy sending gifts to each other, toy, Rubik's cube, card tables, books or something, son received a large package. "Ladies, she" dropped "the son went into a shopping mall by taxi, bought more than 20 boxes of jigsaw puzzle back to" Save ". "Son I'm up at night to complain, said his good friend's dolls are more popular, puzzle is not good. "Ms Xu wry smile way.
working for a law firm in the city, Wang also had a son's kindergarten graduation gift-embarrassing: "I heard colleagues say, children now in kindergarten graduation gifts, with his son on the mall to pick. Son request to buy an electric vehicle, I think: a nearly 50, one of them in the class more than 1000 Yuan, how could such a small baby gift so expensive? More cartoon fans bought more than 20 as a gift. Who knows on graduation day to watch, there is many parents prepare a teddy bear, electric toys, such as ' premium ' gift was ridiculed by son back home for a few days. "
reporter recently interviewed found that kindergarten kids" graduate "mutual gift-giving has become more common, including some for children, is" precious "gift, parents disagree on this phenomenon. "Children so small gifts with each other easily compare mental, but also to the financial burden on parents. "Mr Tang said public opposition. "Yes" she argued that children exchange gifts to enhance friendship and classmate of love, learn learn interpersonal communication. For more than 10 years of educational research PhD l.q. Guo believes that children small gifts such as parting gifts when the Eraser is normal and conducive to the "eq". "But parents should avoid giving gifts of high-grade, giving children the habit of squandering and compare used. "He suggested to encourage children to give focus Italy, commemorative items, such as a picture, an origami doll, and so on.

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