Gift recycling front scalping premium cigarettes

  name of gift recycling is actually illegal to resell brand cigarettes, in recent days, police in licheng Shanda House of guise will be recycled gift illegal Chinese, trade brands such as Abba father and son arrested.
47-year old Liu xiayi, Henan people, because there is no proper job after years of Jinan, and 19 year old son doing gift recycling business. After a while, father and son discover a simple gift of recovery money is not very fast, so they begin to think about "getting rich" slanting.
with many years experience of the South, Liu found that China, like the Soviet tobacco, Liqun and other brands of cigarettes in the South is very tight, often out of stock, even if buyers are willing to pay, is not easy to buy. Liu and his son the gift in the guise of recycling, tobacco shop, Jinan began to buy those tight South of high-grade cigarettes, line ran South and then sold to increase logistics lorry drivers and drivers to raise their fares to the South for sale.
these cigarettes usually are hidden in a small rental house located near Shanda, was discovered and reported by neighbors, overlooking Public Security Bureau economic investigation team collected on the spot in his rental house illegal takeover of high-grade cigarettes 355, worth more than 130,000 yuan.
"identified most of them are real, but there are a few of them false. Under normal circumstances, the post earned a carton of cigarettes at least 20 Yuan, when cigarette tight in the South of the met season, highest earning about 100 Yuan. "Licheng branch is responsible for detecting the case undercover squadron under squadron leader Zhang Yongwei told reporters that this father and son traded generally in the East bus station, traded twice a week on average.
at the same time, the police found the suspect Liu nor for tobacco monopoly licenses. At present, the main suspects in the case were caught by the police for illegal business, the case is still under investigation.

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