For the sake of customer gifts promotions

  at the time of sale "products ' promotion" we have heard of this method, but can really put the "gift promotion" does well, often not much. Gift
basic design principles
gift there is a basic principle in the design of, that is to give gifts associated with the products, for example, bought small plastic cup some toothpaste; buy suits get rolled hair brush, etc. At any time when using these gifts so that consumers can generate brand associations. But has some clothing joined is didn't took with Dang back thing, eyes blind sent, family buy shampoo he sent key buckle, family buy TV he sent plug beacon, you said you sent a plastic small vase the more good, most at least also can put in TV top do device well, above again printing Shang you have brand name, this not two birds with one stone well, due to gifts no associated, results things sent has, family in available also early forget has you, white sent!
gift value don't exaggerated
some shop to touting customer, Often deliberately exaggerating the value of gifts, so, a value of 3 small towels to be worth 10 Yuan; a value of 5 Yuan plastics suddenly became worth 20 Yuan. Consumers excitedly put products buy home Hou a wondering, this not on value two or three block money did, Hi, results buy goods of price also added has 5 Yuan, hate! so a toss, consumers on brand also can has what good impression does?
cheap of gifts than not sent, some products in promotions Shi prepared has large of gifts, in he of publicity Shang looks very have attractive "purchase we of products you must will has value of harvest, buy on sent!" But only disappointed when the customer excitedly arrived on the scene. Originally known as value-for-money is a big pile of each price may value a few cents of plastic stuff. For children may also be effective, but he chose the wrong object. Last order to scoff at the customer.
indeed, consumer promotions, promotional gifts in general values are not too big, in my experience, if it is immediately an incentive to buy gifts, generally up to the value of the commodity itself around 10%-15%; other non-immediate incentive promotional gifts usually only look 3%-5% to the value of the product itself.
do not forget our customers after nearly 20 years of market experience in training, is no longer the era of shortages for two pounds salted fish all night long line team who looked, now of their sense of the value of goods already has a very accurate assessment of capacity, especially in terms of daily consumer goods is even more so. You offer him gifts if you exaggerate too far, endangering the trust may be their brand degradation problem. So practical to customers is actually to maintain the brand image.
gift is must
we know that customers are usually more or less had an advantage, within and outside the crowded stores, most customers are often hasty and ** to make customers stop method that is "something to send, free service" means. Which is why we often listen to woo customers in the store opened with "this is Avon's counter, care free"; " Send "reasons.
some stores look the same in his propaganda is very attractive "buy our products you will have a value of harvest, buy a product you can get 20 Yuan worth of value-for-money return gift, buy a chance!" So customer excitedly of arrived site pay purchase, prepared get one points additional harvest, results Dang customer buy has products Hou, called they took with shopping small votes in there,, and game, and and draw put customer toss has a again, last only has few of customer got has gifts, makes to some customer big call fall, some customer even in Midway on go has, host in stage loud roll-call, people early go has. This gimmick tends to give customers being played with feeling, impression of the brand is nothing.
shopping for gifts, it is best to reduce the number of unnecessary links, such as tickets to wait, take small change gift vouchers to go against the gift. When we were in when promotional gifts, be sure to remember this one catch. Don't yell or yell, tongue had finally made the brand did not leave a good impression in the minds of consumers. That was a wrong!
must be from product characteristics, functions and brands, content and other aspects of the property, as appropriate, identify with the product itself, the brand appeals related gifts to give. Proper inflated gift value is entirely necessary, this will increase to a certain extent consumers "value for money" feeling, but you may backfire too exaggerated.

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