Promotional items be sure to emphasize the brand effect

  holiday gift promotions be sure to emphasize the brand effect, managers must put their eyes, cannot see other business promotion we do, this is a fool. From the perspective of resource focused, not selling product we can't afford for sales promotion.
promotional items to use brand-name products, highlights product value. A good horse with a good saddle. Promotional gifts can not effectively stimulate consumer nerves, the promotion effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, promotions, promotional items must emphasize brand.
the strategic importance of doubt. Facing the same promotions, managers should stand in the strategic analysis of Marketing Essentials, because strategy fundamentally determines the future of your business. Mao Zedong's "history of Palm, chest million soldiers in" Grand manner "total annihilation such as volume I", even in the relative strength comparative cases of extreme disparity can still freely, is he friend or foe and insight into future trends.
in promotion policies cannot give "road" and "operation". To grasp the forward-looking aspects:
a, considering rivals future market trends. Should not be confused by the phenomenon of a single market. Due to the different product life cycle, natural ways worlds apart.
b, match the strategic goals and promotion objectives effectively. Developing promotions, not one moment of killing Huan, also consider overall strategic objectives, strategic and tactical balance.
c, "loss of product" cannot get promotions, strategic marketing promotion and so on. Promotional items must emphasize brand, or promotions will have the opposite effect.

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