Gift Show in Beijing and Shanghai to strengthen linkage to build main line

  even in the days of the global financial tsunami-ravaged China gifts industry still maintained a momentum of rapid growth, it is estimated that gift market currently has more than 800 billion. However, we must not ignore the fact that most gift enterprises are still in the operational status of stragglers, OEM order alone maintain, situation can be said to be integrated in the future danger to the public.
China gifts industry has witnessed ups and downs of the Reed Group in China, in a critical juncture of transformation, assume in series downstream channel, network-wide coverage of the industrial chain of tasks through two large gift show in Beijing and Shanghai, gathered a number of industry giants and senior management to people and work together to win market opportunities.
from Beijing to Shanghai, product Silicon step to miles
into August zhihou, involved Mid-Autumn Festival, and national and Christmas, and on new year's day of gift ordered on will full started, Reed Exhibition China Group will respectively Yu August 14 in Beijing held "26th session Beijing International Gift, and gifts and the family supplies exhibition", August 30 in Shanghai held "2012 Shanghai international family supplies, and promotions products and the crafts creative design exhibition", first started autumn market of double gun.
according to introduced, this year two big exhibition of scale respectively created history high, is located in China International Exhibition Center of Beijing gift exhibition overall area up 49,000 square meters, including opened 1th, Hall two layer as "Chinese gift boutique show district"; and Shanghai gift exhibition is just two degrees expedition Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center, but area more last growth 40% reached 17,000 square meters, two a exhibition of exhibition business number also with of rising. Audience a sneak peek to the Tsinghua tongfang, Pike, Shanghai Expo, Germany shengdebaoluo, wormwood leaves culture, Omron, phantom sound divine, Deshi long kitchenware and other giants of the industry's latest products.
from ring Bohai to long triangle, gift North line take shape, to let more practitioners catch express road, from June 7 up, hosted party sent hand car expand has "Reed Exhibition China Group buyers miles line" activities, across East three province, and Beijing Jin JI, and Su Zhejiang Shanghai, 8 province 30 city, visited gift market, and commodity city, and department store market Pearson VUE, reached multiple strategy cooperation intention, also let China Group gift exhibition of brand people.
"show open only a few days, but we offer our gift service 365 days will not end, in recent years, we have strengthened the group, invited to discuss gifts, industry award, Beijing, international pavilions and other content, seeks to maximize the combined effect of the show. "Reed said Guangyuan Yang, Hua group, two big show will hit the scale and turnover intention.
innovation, jointly staged many plays
, "the global economy is still at a low point, Chinese gifts, the road ahead will not be smooth, which requires not only production enterprises with the times, we must also get rid of the exhibition, work together to develop the domestic market with great potential. "Every time, Reed Group in China are racking their brains to exhibitors and buyers to provide value-added services, announced several big plays this year, sparked great concern from outside the industry.
Gift Show in Beijing "Chinese gift boutique display area", which is "promotion of traditional arts and crafts legacy and innovation" under the background of the establishment, Yixing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Longquan sword and Jingdezhen ceramics, porcelain, embroidery, Suzhou nuclear Eagle Lake town in Jiangsu have been invited. Meanwhile, on the occasion of the 40 anniversary of normalization, Reed Exhibitions China and the Japan External Trade Organization jointly organized a Pearson VUE Japan excellent gift exhibitors, prominent pop culture, animation, fashion, household items, such as a theme. A traditional Chinese culture and Japan the pinnacle of creative dance, will be "Sino-Japan friendship year" offering gifts.
Shanghai, a large number of creative gifts, design new will into the Expo Exhibition Center, meet Japan, and Korea, and Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan all over the trends, innovation, environmental protection, science and technology, fashion and other topics to the end.
market environment this year is especially complex, through the exhibition to grasp has become the industry consensus. At present, two major exhibitions have been opened in official website "pre-registration" green channel, where viewers can register in advance free entry to win a beautiful gift, but was informed that the exhibition schedule to plan your trip, found more in the massive new surprises.

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