Purchasing Gift how to do professional

  enough professional enterprise in the gift purchase is the combined result of following questions:
1. Gift purchase the lack of clear and consistent standards
buy gifts like purchasing raw materials or office supplies. Steel models, what is the hardness of; to what species of wood, what grade of paper is A4 or B5, what weight; printer laser or ink jet output photos or documents ... ... These purchases have good measurements. Not so
gift purchase, gifts are given to someone, end users are not their own. Gifts are good, everyone's understanding is different, every recipient an individual's feelings are not exactly the same. We purchase raw materials or office supplies is easy to judge whether the purchase is successful, but gifts may take a long time to verify. In particular, we Chinese people due to the feelings or afraid to ask the gift recipient. Even asked, and only if the recipient did not like something tend to give a very positive response.
2. Gifts need diverse and broad in scope, procurement is very difficult
at the time of communication with corporate gift purchasing manager, often hear statements like: "now the gift selection, but is more and more difficult to buy. "Yes, on the market more than 10 years ago, business gifts, benefits, gifts, business is tobacco, welfare is work, not used to promotional items, but is a very good choice. Supply the gift on the market today for thousands of Guangzhou gift company a dime, pick eyes spent, but don't know what to choose. Meanwhile, the criteria mentioned above, when procurement of raw materials and supplies, due to certain criteria as a screening tool selection is relatively small. But by purchasing gifts, small appliances, home textiles, kitchen, bathroom, food ... ... It seems that everything could each year cannot be repeated, the range is too big. So difficult to buy gifts than actually purchasing other products and services.
3. Pay enough attention to
compared to the purchase of other products, the major companies are far from enough attention to gift purchase, many business leaders believe that this is a real thing, is icing on the behavior. Which tend to hold companies accountable for gift purchase personnel do not attach thinks this is a handyman things. Gift budgets tend to be in business when the first budget cuts. Both don't care and not focus on training, gift purchase professional naturally.
the above problems lead up not professional corporate gift purchase. This needs professional marketing consultants provide good solutions. But it is not enough to solve this problem, because gifts are a special kind of behavior itself has many features. Gift-giving is an art, we need to understand the gift to understand gift.

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