Two major strategies of tea industry: the whole industry chain + mass tea location

  after entering the tea industry, and why tea prices have struggled to expand in China, why the United Kingdom a Lipton tea in China to achieve industry first, and even "70,000 Chinese tea factory than a United Kingdom State" the Chinese tea industry haven't said. The reason, we even gift tea industry should promote the tea industry of the whole industrial chain strategy, popular tea product strategy strategic thinking.
the whole industry chain---industrial development strategy, recent uproar "lean" and "melamine melamine" events, all have one thing in common, all problems on the front end of the industrial chain of farmers. Why desperate farmers because profits are too thin, can only be speculation for a profit. Why farmers cannot guarantee profits because of the relentless squeeze on farmers profits for operators. Harm to the interests of consumers, it is undermined every aspect of the whole industrial chain of stakeholders ' interests, creating a vicious circle.
and development model of the whole industrial chain, is under the unified operation of an enterprise, distribution chain in the midrange segment profits reasonably to tea farmers in the front of the industrial chain conveyor. Farmers have enough profit protection, insecticides, weeding, fertilizing and other sectors to invest, scientific management, so as to ensure that the organic tea raw materials. This ensures that the tea industry in the source of food security.
food safety problems in China today, businesses will have a strong competitive to ensure food safety. While the whole industry chain development model, it is the best strategy for creating such a competitive choice.
mass tea---product positioning strategies for each enterprise's rapid growth has its unique value proposition in this industry, such as the rapid development of yili, mengniu, because finding this large branch of liquid milk market. Jdb sales over just a few years, because of its "fear of fire, drink Wang laoji" precise market positioning. Keemun tea products on any position to win market approval?
Chinese tea market by two extremes, either a few or more than 10 Yuan a kilo of low quality tea, or hundreds of even thousands of Yuan a pound of high-grade tea tea, while midrange products rarely. With the accelerating pace of upgrading people's living standards, decreases in smoking and drinking population, and advocating health, tea-drinking lifestyle Group increased. As the Chinese door seven thing "leading a poor youyanjiangcu tea", one of the "tea", great popularity and return to the "ordinary family" trend. Polarization due to the grades of tea, Chinese tea has been the lack of healthy, prices can be accepted by the public in the tea, therefore, end mass tea with unlimited business opportunities.

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