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Customized gift of three elements: the innovation of seeking gifts

  personalized gifts face more and more competition in the market, manufacturers have to do to occupy it? How to do that has been imitated, has never been beyond the position? We look, custom personalized gifts manufacturer recommended gift three elements of mystery, maybe when I look back, ignoring the stumbling blocks they are bothering you.
sure: touch the customer's specific demand for gifts, seek innovation
gifts custom enterprise products welcomed by the market, at least have some basic characteristics: high quality, name brand, high usability, creative, etc. Gift of customer-facing order, to understand the customer's corporate culture, product features, brand content, gifts demand environment, this is for the customer to choose and recommend the best gift the necessary homework, is one of the most important chips to improve success rates, expanding the company's business. If you can price advantage before "grab" to the order, then rely on gifts of innovation to attract customers.
II: make gift delivery cycle preparation, seriously promise
"three waste" impact gift manufacturing company's production cycle relative to the same gift order extended. Personalized gifts Baile Wu revealed that extended periods generally range around. That is, a sum of 15 days or 18 days to production and delivery of gifts, there is a universal need 22-24 day. Observance of the delivery time for those gifts demand strict gifts, advertising gifts, earlier you need to book in advance. Gift business must not ready to promise delivery dates, be sure to leave enough lead time, make gift delivery cycle sufficient preparation.
three innovations: product design and propel innovation wave
service mode for a long time, the gift is the actual route, relies on bids or excellent relationships to seek to end customers, which is one reason for the high cost. Now, with the rapid rise of e-commerce and online shopping, gift sales also began to attempt network marketing road. Contribute to the implementation of information and automation, is the benefit of specialized, intensive, transferred through the marketing channels to resolve part of the high cost.
the face of customer demand for more personalized gifts customization, design innovation is not enough if you just focus on the gift itself, and also on client gifts custom links and delivery aspects of service innovation.

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