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  when the gift-giving becomes a habit every gift has become a habitual changes, experts collected representative gifts of all times, as a memory of the past, as small talk.
's and 50 's to the late 60 's, political factors played an important role. This is the most simple gifts, saying that in the era of the red ... Mental strength is really powerful, and that impoverished this booklet has inspired several generations of people.
II, this is the legend of the three treasures of the cultural revolution, the cultural revolution pop sent when mug, send towels such little articles of daily use, but must be printed on the revolutionary slogans, at that time, if someone sent you a this, that relationship must be iron! Nowadays, many young people may not have seen these, but these three simple things really representative of an era.
III, 80 's-mid 90, reform and opening up, people from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to buy all kinds of gadgets: Bell Bottoms, frog mirror, imports of small household electrical appliances and electronic products. Send to a friend watch, fresh stuff, how much money, it feels unique face. 96 villagers have brought back from Hong Kong, a Polaroid camera, and later married cousin, packing up to cousin as gifts, marriage was the scenery ...
four, became popular in the new century to send cards, petrol cards, seafood, shopping card, bank card ... Because life is better, men's sanitary napkins, you won't know what people like, and what, so just give me some gift cards, out of what, what to buy, gift-giving also saves costs of brain, Hello, I'm fine too.
v, the gift trends change more and more in recent years, people's living standards improve, refresh your senses and ginseng, red wine, don't think that smacks of a slightly arty, although expensive, although there are a variety of culture said ...
six, and then ... Very good, very strong national brands--melatonin. Melatonin sales really is a helpless, year after year for gifts to worry, he introduced such a thing, with your ear like every day: "this holiday without gifts...." send this thing you say about? You grade it? Doing that kind of advertising every day, too, was not. You say that health is, in itself, processed products, not natural, what healthy?
seven, and recently side of people and received, and sent has many imports fruit, sent fruit, figure a sent health of name head, sent imports fruit, figure imports fruit head big, appearance good, designed pick imports fruit in the of boutique, known as "all are can do art", I set had a box world a Apple, a box 10 a, all are a pounds more, while also prepared has various fine of packaging, I set has several box sent friends himself also received had several box imports fruit, big new year of taste a fresh, figure a xixing!

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