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Giving business gifts, becomes a natural thing

  gifts custom exception, brought gifts, people first think of holiday celebrations. However, in today's business affairs, gifts also plays a very important role. According to statistics, in the United States in business activities, annual gifts of more than 50 million, amounting to 9. They're 2.6 billion dollars. Business gifts, Americans call special advertising, advertising promotions, brand, corporate image most direct advertising. Appropriate gifts express your mind, and let each other unconsciously accept the advertising, propaganda or promotion effectiveness, does a lot of business customers.
now, many large companies have specialized in the computer store, some of the companies, people's identities, hobbies, birthdays are recorded, festivals, or suitable day, always have a routine of special gifts.
why companies send business gift?, according to a survey, the main reason is expressed appreciation to others (61%), the second reason for good wishes to develop business relations (34%). Half of the respondents in the Christmas gift, nearly one-third on special occasions. More and more companies are recognizing that business activity in the gift-giving is not only advertising, is also an important aspect of communication.
a lot of people believe that gifts are mainly to thank customers, further strengthening the existing relationships. Smart companies often after the customer purchases on a regular basis, with clients for lunch or dinner, or at other events after the end of gifts to customers. Business gifts can play a role in advertising, reach the goal thanks, and consolidate and strengthen the company have had a good relationship with the customer. Nature and business promotional gift, which can promote the sales of goods, while deepening brand impressions, played the role of advertising. Gift
business is a big business in itself. Gift choice delivered a powerful and sophisticated knowledge and interest, and so on. It can improve the company's image, can also damage the company's image. Presented to the Chairman of the Board of Directors gifts to the advertising gift, this kind of selection of business gifts and gifts is no easy matter, United States companies spend annually on business gifts can cost up to $ 4 billion.
gifts business gifts, gifts not in size, you let them know that you have him. Both companies expressed his thanks, and not allow acceptance of gifts to embarrassing. Most people buy business gifts are pen, desk calendar, pocket calculators, Briefcase, this type of gift is to have a company's logo. Others choose to have clocks, vases, wine, diary, knives, glass, fruit, jacket, etc.
recent survey of companies in Shanghai once, giving a business gift company in 47% answer is "effective" or "very effective", while the 39% of the company, at least "a little effect", found to be the only 2% gift is unhelpful.
most of the gifts, say that choice gift giving time is quite important. According to latest survey showed that, on most company for, select spring, and on new year's day, and Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas still is most popular of practices, but also has select new company of established day, and company established anniversary, and big customer of birthday, and a important sector of led need PR Shi, and thanks conspiracy to people provides you get business of information Shi, and thanks a colleagues or friends put a commercial opportunities introduced to you Shi, and thanks someone regardless of interests to in work Shang help you Shi, and congratulations someone high, and you of subordinates or has business Shang between of people married, and Baby, birthday, serious beginning more time.
some companies used to give gifts to customers, such as trade shows, promotions, and order, and so on. United States a company spokesman, said: "we select the gift associated with the production line, when customers visit the factory, our gift gift to attract them. We send the gift to enable them back to visit, and the giving of gifts to take home. Steak knife is an excellent gift for us because it is our own production material. Our stainless steel pen at a sell order as a gift, engraved corporate logo, which will enable customers to always remember the company that they carry that pride themselves on a quality pen. ”

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