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Talking about the gift industry "enterprise management"

  who wants to make long, there are all kinds of problems to note that management is particularly important, it is vital to the long-term development of the enterprise. A gift company boss said: "the owner of gift attached great importance to the management, but often don't know how to manage. Do not attach importance to, will not take a few days to learn; management is not required. Trouble is we know how to manage important but don't know how to pipe. "
business management is in fact a very large category, from the gift industry, 80% gift enterprise, not hundreds of even thousands of large enterprises, here to trade or sell Enterprise majority. To cover that, not very practical. To account for a large proportion of small businesses here, for example, raised several specific questions to consider one or two.
/> 1, corporate structure in General, small businesses rarely set specific management structure. The giver, one pit a few radishes. Are common. Most companies have gone through the natural history of small to large. But what about small businesses how to set structure. Just keep in mind that in a, not because of one gang. But for businesses, purchasing, quality and funding. This four part work for distribution would be nice. Play the advantages of the individual, so that a small business can better operate development when opportunities seize can succeed.
2, the customer prospect screening
This is a top priority for small business. Customers many types, to be able to give customers accurate, you can take advantage of the company's future development. Most of the time, rather than developing new customers better analysis of existing customers, whether mining, there are many potential markets can be found. This is because small business marketing energy is limited. Required return on success and there must be strict criteria.
3, 3-5
large enterprises have annual development plan, as well as small business. Will give his summary at the end of each year, according to summary at the beginning of the new year's marketing plan. Only good programming, we can grasp the process of its development. The more recent plan, more specific.
4, focus on personal development
this one might not agree, how induction to the enterprise. The quality or condition of small businesses, in the final analysis, is the person responsible (owner and General Manager) personality and business principles. Is not a large number, of course, bear the burden of the example is very important. Is not surprised, calm and business owner, can give people confidence and accurate sense of direction. It is particularly important to personal development.

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