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Counting in the development of ceramic art of Jingdezhen city

 , Jingdezhen is the only one in the first batch of 24 historical and cultural cities in China as production of ceramics and ancient city, known as the "porcelain," said. City ceramic Institute is a by engaged in furnishings art ceramic and practical art ceramic creation design and the process research of research institutions, existing China Arts and crafts master 4 name, China ceramic art master 7 name, Jiangxi province arts and crafts master 9 name, enjoy State "special allowance" experts 6 name, Jiangxi provincial government "special allowance" experts 3 name, senior professional technicians 28 name, has strong of technology strength.
reporter understand to, city ceramic Institute for play Jingdezhen ceramic art of advantage and features, advance Jingdezhen ceramic art innovation development process and industrialization development, foster unique of Jingdezhen ceramic art industry innovation platform, upgrade Jingdezhen ceramic industry on city social economic harmony development of contribution, from 2007 up on formed has city ceramic art industry innovation base, focus foster has must industry based and scale of ceramic enterprise and master work room, Ceramic art and ceramic industry in the field of forming a strong innovation capacity. said, his strong writing strength, excellent creative and unique ideas innovation, ceramic arts community all thumbs up.
over the years, the ceramics Research Institute created ceramic works of art, by the national, provincial and municipal ceramic art design competition gold, silver, bronze, or more than one or two, more than 200 items, hundreds of works were focused on arts, museum collections at home and abroad. Undertaken and completed many times great creative design task assigned by the national, provincial and municipal, are praised and promoted the development of Jingdezhen ceramics industry.
is the so-called "craftsmen all, walk all day long", ceramic Institute and outside artists also conducts in-depth Arts Exchange and cooperation. Last year is CPC party 90 annual, for celebrates this a national celebrate of Festival, city ceramic Institute combined red cradle of theme for has series of excellent creation, and invited Shanghai national two level art Division, and Shanghai hair President House distinguished artist Xi Wenyuan, field artist, creation has a red memory of Yanan, and Red memory of March, and Red memory of Jinggangshan red memory of Orange Chau head, has representative, and innovation sex, has still for around collection lovers love of Red series works. also has two exhibition halls, displays all outstanding works of the master in order for visitors to enjoy. Received many admiring visitors every day, staff and detailed explanation, tourists speak highly of Jingdezhen ceramic arts and Marvel, said the trip would not be in vain.
Research Institute of ceramics from the original "negative assets" to today's "large taxpayer", which is a process of growth, is a process of transformation, is in the process of it cocoons into butterflies survived numerous storms, but there is no denying that is, widely spread in recent years of "City" is being recognized by the public. Ceramic Research Institute in the art creation and Exchange platform for artists to build at the same time, it is also committed to charitable causes, is even more rare, were very low-key at every charity. It is known that ceramic Research Institute organized a number of charity events every year, such as sympathy, an August harvest each year student during the Spring Festival, and lend a helping hand in their hour of need in the community. They do not flaunt themselves, not with the philanthropists themselves, silently used their power for the development of philanthropy to make a contribution.
Research Institute of ceramic artists using brush to show a picture in the hands of fascinating beauty. There is peach-like quiet, dreamy paradise Celestine, flowersofparadise wilderness, there gold float with the wind shakes, existing river wave the endless, eternal heroes and the heroic feelings, but also with small bridges people tranquil and leisurely, it really makes people want to stay there and back.

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