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Gift culture international trade platform for high-end exhibition 2012 Shanghai autumn gift fair

  as an prestigious international high-end gifts exhibition in East China, August 2-5th, "2012: China (Shanghai) International gifts and Houseware Fair (autumn)", will be working together again Asia's largest "Tokyo International Gift Show in Shanghai", shanghaimart exhibition jointly staged 2012/2013 in high-end gift to the latest trends for fall/winter. Show quality, cultural characteristics and performance, high quality personalized gifts to new heights, is the central theme of this exhibition.
four features of the theme pavilion subdivision location category, will each show from China, Japan, and Korea, and Thailand, and India, and Viet Nam, Hong Kong, China Taiwan and other Southeast Asian regions, as well as European and American countries with unique style and taste for high-end business gifts, exotic presents culture and latest fashion gifts. In addition, the two highlights of this show especially strong concern, "extravagance is life experience" over the same period, as well as the opening of the "International Centre for imported goods display and Exchange", will be officially opened the global luxury lifestyle and celebrity social life mystery.
1000 exhibition business 30,000 buyers create gift trade Sheng machine
reportedly, this Shanghai autumn gift exhibition has determine exhibition exhibition business reached more than 1000 more than, exhibits will cover crafts, and business gifts, and advertising promotions products, and collection souvenirs, and home supplies, and electronic products, and educational supplies, and fashion jewelry, and movement and the leisure tourism supplies, and toy, and leather products, and beauty and the health products, business life all field. At that time, a comprehensive upgrade of this exhibition will bring together environmental, green, humanities, science and technology, fashion, today led the global high-end gifts such as custom fashion of classical culture. At present, the organizers visitor pre-pre-registration data show that nearly 30,000 buyers from home and abroad will come to watch. High end and high end gift in the campaign to promote industry, medium and high quality resources and raw materials exhibition event of docking, both at home and abroad this fall in Shanghai high quality gift exchanges with China Sheng machine.
Japan quality high-end property buyers the most bullish gift
"Tokyo International Gift Show in Shanghai" in March this year, Shanghai official testing the waters of the spring gift fair was a huge success, Kyoto exhibition two high-end bags of Japan exhibitors respectively harvested 1.7 million and 1.4 million Yuan. Japan presents high quality, safe and creative quality in East China to gift buyers of high-end gift market in China purchase hot spots.
from Japan was informed by the Organizer, autumn Gift Fair Shanghai, Japanese size increased by a few times, more environmentally friendly, healthy and innovative of Japan high performance gift will debut in Shanghai. As effective solution various sleep problem of Japan health magic pillow z, and can thin hip of electric chair, and can recycling regeneration tableware, and telescopic sex portable crutches, and purification water device, and all kinds of beauty skin care products,, and rich rich Japan features of doll, and enrollment fiscal cat, popular clothing, and nursing baby kids and the supplies, and environmental ceramic device,, category more last more with rich sex, covers life daily, and social etiquette, all aspects.
four features in the theme pavilion to high-end gifts needs
"business-boutique" will be a one-stop show business custom gifts at home and abroad. Huaguang ceramics ceramics for industry leading brands in China, adhere to the materials of natural mineral, its quality by consumers. "WTO annual Museum" will bring settled in the Mart, 8/f, highlighting unique gifts with high performance at home and abroad. Among them, the world-class branded Parker pens specify authorization group--the Shanghai Zhi Tang trading co, will show the major agency management of PARKER, and MONTBLANC, WATERMAN, CROSS, PICASSO and other international celebrities.
"fashion International Museum" snare Japan, and Korea, and Thailand, and Germany, States trend gift and high-end boutique, as from Korea of first 3D technology Miofriends series cartoon contact lenses nursing box products, swept European of Germany Fashy company all kinds of creative hot bags, deeply Shanghai tide female are favored of Japan various new personality DIY beauty methyl, and wonderful rendering Thailand Royal Queen's Tin device, and Kate Princess engagement Blaupunkt ring, Royal Royal products of "Thailife Thai. life". "Features gift Museum" is brings together long triangle frontier fashion of creative trendy gift, is world luxury brand and star are favored of senior custom jewelry "shore" (U.LAND), will released 2012 spring summer/fall/winter senior custom new
first "luxury taste is Products   life experience Museum" turned out to was born
This is domestic gift exhibition first oriented both at home and abroad high-end VIP consumption groups shaping of experience global latest top quality life of show window and private social platform.
based on scarcity, the principle of the uniqueness and high quality selection of exhibits, the invited exhibition of top luxury goods at home and abroad, investment, life, fashion, taste and understated luxury is one. Among them, art investment classes including the beautiful Tibetan theme paintings, antique collectible Tang cheongsam/three-inch Golden Lotus, investment and so on. Irene jewelry show by Japan's top jewelry design project was designed by the master top Emerald jewelry, France enamel decorative goods and household items. Premium luxury car show, will usher in the Mercedes-Benz brand new commercial vehicles and Ferrari test drive trial experience "Dragon horse" stunning debut of the theme. Luxury Pavilion, Temple library of well-known luxury Exchange platform highlights famous limited edition handbags, top table, along with clothes and high end customization, and more. In addition, both at home and abroad leading high-end property, financial and other high-end investment services will reveal today's luxury and taste life.
"international imports of goods display and Exchange Center" occasion opening
in addition, Shanghai on autumn gift fair, auxiliary to B2B services for B2C service "3+2" exhibition mode all year round--"international imports of goods display and Exchange Center" will officially open a one-stop purchase quality merchandise new era of trade around the world, meet and promote domestic trends in a high quality of life.
will, "Japan Asia boutique Museum", will carrying 150 home Enterprise concentrated show more than 2000 more species life various hi-tech, and high performance security commodity; "Japan Kyoto property Museum", will perennial show Kyoto has using and collection value of textile, and furniture, and lacquer, classic Japan products; by Red Horse (China) business of "Red Horse global food Museum", snare has from United States, and France, and Germany, and United Kingdom, and Italy, and Japan, and Australia, 10 a national various imports food, Shanghai import food will become an important window and places of many of Shanghai cuisine white-collar Taobao; bringing together Turkey the distinctive dried fruits, food, natural juices, imported olive oils, bath and personal care products, such as the "Turkey product Center", the hundreds of products on display. Also, "Taiwan boutique Museum", and "Malaysia Center", and "Thailand life boutique Museum", and "Canada food Museum", and "sea silk rhyme Museum" and roost car world of luxury Lamborghini, covers 15 a national and area of imports consumer, including States most with representative and quality of food wine class, and home supplies, and jewelry jewelry, and clothing and high-end business gift and luxury are will in Shanghai WTO Mall 3 floor all stunning debut.
with the Shanghai autumn gift fair time countdown, both at home and abroad from East China buyers and high-end gift buyers all over the country also showed a white-hot trend of pre-pre-registration. It is reported that General Electric, Canon China, gateway Plaza, unity, Starbucks, and 17 of the world's top 500, domestic well-known brands, mainly as a member of the well-known high-end retail buyers will participate in this gift show "big customer special pairing." In addition, Mart, 3/f, "International Centre for imported goods display and Exchange" and 8 "gift perennial Exhibition Center" and other series of interactive activities will be held around this gift show, will also be the exhibition creates a one-stop, efficient and intensive gift purchase business opportunities at home and abroad.

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