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Gift business relevance of core product development and protection of intellectual property rights

  of an enterprise in a global e-commerce social development, must have its own core competencies. How to enable the enterprise to have competition, which owns other companies beyond core competencies. Protection of enterprise's core competitiveness and preserve market, is a key business strategy!
, according to enterprise product on market, customer demand is now a buyer's market, the key is how to identify the potential needs of customers and provide the appropriate meeting. Now enterprises in market competition, too focused on what competitors are doing and how to do it, then conducted a similar same imitate, rather than innovation. Imitation can be alternative innovation, such as Tencent's QQ was modelled on QICQ before, but QQ users far better than QICQ. Will focus on the potential needs of customers, it will be possible, "no I have." Imitate easily, innovation is difficult, seek products and services under the same conditions of quality road has been unable to meet the cost required to survive for a long time, differentiation strategy can enable enterprises based on the development of and access to certain.
Second, the trade mark rights making it difficult for competitors to imitate
trademark exclusive rights on business has played an important role, gift company business activities increasingly nowadays, how to keep a "core" competitiveness, diversification must be careful, well diversified and outstanding business relationships. Use the product patent and trademark protection, support the intellectual rights, copy only "like" and "God". Impossible in many aspects of an enterprise core competitiveness and diversification at the same time, most of its energy bets must be on the same core parts of the business strategy for enterprise development. Business leaders are paying particular attention to some seems to be very close to the business, is a far different connotation of core competitiveness and some on the surface do not have connection with business, but on the core competence in substance.
gift market growing variety, has hundreds of manufacturers of products of the same type. Generally there is a strange phenomenon in the market, a new design and produce good products on the market, in less than a week's time was rapidly "copy". Enterprises ' core competence in construction as well as product knowledge, product protection, after all, is the effective way of preserving market!

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